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Manchester Airport is located in the country of Lancashire, Northern England, and is a major gateway to this area.  It is an international airport serving more than eighteen million passengers per year, and is therefore rated as the fourth busiest airport in the United Kingdom.  The airport’s three terminal buildings are served by over 100 different airline companies, flying to destinations in all parts of the world.  In terms of aircraft activity, Manchester airport is ranked as the third busiest in the UK, and in regards to international passenger traffic, it is ranked as the twenty-second busiest. 

Passengers departing from Manchester Airport will find all the terminals are connected to one another.  Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are connected by a short external and uncovered pedestrian route, while Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are linked by the skylink, which also has moving walkways to facilitate passengers with the 10 to 15 minute walk.  Terminal 1 is also connected to ‘The Station’ by the skylink, which is Manchester Airport’s ground transportation hub and railway station.  A new walkway is currently under construction to connect Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, and until this walkway is completed, there is a free bus service offering transport between the terminals, as well as to The Station. 

All the terminals at Manchester Airport handle domestic and international arrivals and departures, and the terminal you will be using will depend on your airline company.  Terminal 1 is served by Star Alliance members, scheduled airlines and charter flights, and is the base for, Thomas Cook Airlines and Monarch Airlines.  This terminal is equipped to handle eleven million passenger per year, and has 24 stands, 14 of which have air-bridges.  Terminal 1’s arrival area has been recently upgraded to include additional catering and shopping outlets, and its new security area was completed in 2008.  SkyTeam airline members mainly make use of Terminal 2, as well as long haul and charter airlines flying to international destinations.  It is the base of Thomson Airlines, and is also used by Air France, Air Malta and KLM.  The terminal has 16 gates, 15 air-bridges and a capacity to handle eight million passengers per year.  Future developments to this terminal will enable it to handle up to twenty-five million passengers per year, with the construction of a satellite pier.  The major airline companies operating from Terminal 3 include Flybe, Bmibaby, BMI and EasyJet, as well as others such as Air Southwest, American Airlines, Adria Airways and Brussels Airlines.  From Manchester Airport, Virgin Atlantic is the only UK operator serving the USA market.  Air Blue, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and Pakistan International Airlines all serve the Asian market. 

Facilities at Manchester Airport include a wide range of VIP lounges in all the terminal buildings.  In Terminal 1, Business and First class passengers can use the Escape Lounge T1, The Bollin Lounge or the Emirates Lounge.  Skywards Gold Awards cardholders also have access to the Emirates Lounge, which offers a luxurious and relaxing environment, a selection of beverage and food items, and the latest news on TV and in newspapers.  The Escape Lounge T2, Air France Executive Lounge and Style Lounge are available in Terminal 2, and Terminal 3 has the bmi Executive Lounge, British Airways Lounge and Flybe Lounge.  There is also a business and conference center at Manchester Airport, able to accommodate up to 400 people, and with all the necessary presentation equipment available for use.  WiFi access (free 30 minutes per 24 hour period) is available at points throughout the terminal buildings, and can be used for all media devices.  Banking services and currency exchange facilities are available in the terminal buildings as well. 

Parents and their little ones are well taken care of at Manchester Airport.  All the terminals have baby changing rooms in or nearby the ladies toilets, and Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 have a fantastic area for children’s entertainment.  The Real Food Company in these terminals offer special kiddies food items, and all the main catering outlets have ‘parent points’ with cleaning materials, and provide high chairs.  Parents may even take their child’s buggy with them through the security controls.  Just before departure, an airline staff member will take it from you and return it to you at your destination.  Parents can pre-order ready to drink infant milk from Boots in all the terminals after security, and in the arrivals area of Terminal 1.  Bottles can also be heated at the entertainment areas in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.  Further assistance should be arranged with your airline company at the time of booking your flight.  Manchester Airport also cater for religious passengers, offering two multi-faith prayer rooms open 24 hours a day. 

Parking facilities at Manchester Airport are more than adequate, with a range of short-stay and long-stay areas dedicated to each terminal building.  The long-stay parking areas are served by free shuttle buses for transportation to the terminals, and the short-stay multi-storey parking areas are within easy walking distance of their relevant terminal buildings.  Valet Parking and Meet and Greet Services are also available, as well as more cost-effective long-term parking areas situated a little further from the terminals.  Disabled passengers have reserved parking spaces in all of the parking areas, and will find the airport to be completely accessible.  Departing passengers who require assistance into the terminal can contact Manchester Airport’s service provider OCS by using the blue courtesy phones provided.  They can be found at the entrance doors and at the bus and railway station.  Further assistance can be arranged with your airline company, travel agent or tour operator no later than 48 hours before the date of your departure flight.  Airline companies should also be informed if you are going to bring your own mobility aid, such as a wheelchair or scooter. 

Checking-in at Manchester Airport can be made simple by use of the Express Check-In kiosks.  They offer easy-to-use touch screens, and a simple five-step check-in process.  You will be able to check-in and print your own boarding card within a few minutes, and avoid waiting in queues.  Luggage should be dropped off at one of the special bag drop desks.  Directions to the desks are indicated next to the kiosks.  Check-In kiosks are available in the departure areas of all the terminals, in Terminal 2’s short-stay parking area, at the Premier Park, and at The Station. 

Passengers departing from Manchester Airport can also use the bus, train or a taxi to reach the airport.  Manchester Airport has its own railway station, and buses and coaches travel to the airport from almost every destination in the vicinity.  Further information is available from the information desks within the Arrival areas of the terminal buildings.  

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